Visitors Welcome!

Our farm is located in Honaunau, South Kona, on the west side of the “Big Island” of Hawaii.

The name Lehualani (lay-hoo-uh-la-nee) comes from the red lehua flower of the ohia trees that grow on our farm, and “lani” means heaven in Hawaiian. Visitors to our farm are always welcome!

The wonderful view taken from just above the farm, looking out west to the blue Pacific. Imagine our sunsets!

All our coffee is meticulously hand-picked. Each tree needs to be picked five or six times during the six month season, as the cherries ripen.

A full sack of perfect cherries! No machine-picked coffee could begin to equal this quality. The hand-work and meticulous care are part of what make Kona Estate Coffee a gourmet product.

All the family has a task – here the “parchment” coffee is regularly raked during the sun-drying process on our hoshidana (drying deck). After the cherries are picked, they are water processed to remove the pulp, leaving the beans in the stiff outer casing called parchment. The dry parchment is eventually milled to leave the green beans which we roast.