What is Peaberry Coffee?

I often get asked just what is Peaberry. It is a natural occurrence in somewhat less than 5% of the coffee cherries. A typical coffee cherry has two seeds that’s why they are flat on one side. In a peaberry cherry, there’s only one bean and it’s shaped like a pea. It’s not entirely clear why they have an enhanced flavor. I believe it is because of the round shape – it simply roasts more evenly. (the same distance to the center) Whatever the reason, most agree, it is the best.

The peaberry is sorted out at the time the parchment is removed. Because the parchment will absorb moisture, I leave it on the bean as long as possible. Even in an air-conditioned, dehumidified room, green coffee (coffee with parchment removed) will only last for three to four months. This is why availability is so erratic. I will try to post the date when it will be available.

Email your peaberry orders any time and I will mail them when it becomes available. I need a minimum of ten pounds to do a roast. Sorry, no five pound bag discounts. Wil