Greetings and Aloha!

Unfortunately, we have sold out of coffee for this season.

Aloha from Lehualani Farm!

Pele has stopped erupting, and we have clear blue skies, no vog, and drop-dead gorgeous sunsets.  We have also had plenty of rain, so the coffee trees are very happy. Last year with the epic eruption on the Puna side of the island, we had lots of vog and ash which caused a much smaller than usual coffee harvest, but this year is expected to make up for it.  We’re in good health and even though Wil’s vision is worsening (he has been legally blind since birth), he is learning how to farm by braille!

We appreciate our long-time customers, and welcome new ones who find us, or hear about us through friends.  The farm makes for a lovely tour with Wil’s green thumb and love of tropical flowers, so if you are on the island, give us a call and we’ll show you around.

Mahalo from Farmer Wil and his lovely wife, Toni

Sunset from Lehualani Farm

Morning Carrot

Every morning, our horse Dancer, comes to the kitchen window for his cup of Kona coffee and a carrot!

The view from Lehualani Farm

Hand Washing Coffee Cherries

Washing Coffee Cherries

Ripening coffee cherries

10/28/10 – Kona coffee cherries are starting to ripen!

September 2010 – Branches loaded with green coffee cherries

Thank you for visiting our website!

Aloha, Wil & Toni Friesen