Greetings and Aloha!

Aloha and warmest greetings from the voggy side of the Volcano island.  Madam Pele is putting on quite a show.  It’s on the opposite side of the island so we’re in no danger, hardly affected at all, except air quality and now many of the tourists are choosing to go somewhere else. I really feel for all those that have lost their homes, the vast majority are uninsured.

Recently I’ve been forced to make a big decision. I really enjoy caring for my trees, and the processing, but not so much the business part of it. My wife has agreed to handle the business part, or I would just give up and sell wholesale green.  At my current price of $24.00 pound, it is only slightly more than the wholesale green price, and that barely covers the roasting, packaging, mailing, and dealing with delinquent payments.  I feel like I need to raise my prices to at least the low end of what my competitors are charging.  I’ve done some research and found prices range from $30.00 to $50.00 a pound with peaberry as high as $60.00.  My neighbor is still at $28.00, so I would like to do the same.  I would still be willing to give a $2/pound discount to my loyal monthly customers, making it $26/ pound.  This month’s prices will remain the same, and I will increase them next month.  I’m not trying to get rich here;`  last year I once again cleared just over $2000.00 for the whole year after expenses.

I have been selling coffee to many of you for 10-20 years, and have enjoyed visits and farm tours with you.  I really do enjoy hearing from you, and welcome your feedback.  This was a very hard decision to make, and I thank you for your understanding.

with aloha,

Wil Friesen

Morning Carrot

Every morning, our horse Dancer, comes to the kitchen window for his cup of Kona coffee and a carrot!

The view from Lehualani Farm

Hand Washing Coffee Cherries

Washing Coffee Cherries

Ripening coffee cherries

10/28/10 – Kona coffee cherries are starting to ripen!

September 2010 – Branches loaded with green coffee cherries

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Aloha, Wil & Toni Friesen